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October 13, 2013
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Fresh for Pantheon by MatheusLigabue Fresh for Pantheon by MatheusLigabue

Fresh for Pantheon

A complete theme suite for Pantheon. Includes fonts and interface / dock / icon themes.



This is a development version. I plan to make ready-to-install packages in the future, but right now, you'll need to install the theme manually. If you have no idea how to do this, fear not! Be ready for a Tweak Your System 101! :P

First Steps

Before we can proceed, there's a few things we need to do.

First, follow this tutorial to install elementary Tweaks:…

Second, we need to open a Files window with administrator permissions.

Open your Applications menu. Type gksudo pantheon-files and press Enter. A window requesting your password will appear, enter it and press OK.

Now, proceed to the folder where you've downloaded the theme. Usually, it's /home/your username/Downloads.

Then, search for Fresh.tar.gz. Right click it, and from the menu that appears, select extract.

A new folder called Fresh Suite will appear. Open it and then follow the next instructions.


Open the folder Icons. Right-click the folder Fresh, and select Copy. Then, navigate to /usr/share/icons/. Right-click in any white space and select "Paste".


Go back to the Fresh Suite folder. Now, enter the "Interface" folder. Copy the folder that's inside of it to /usr/share/themes, the same way you did with the icon folder.


Once again, return to the Fresh Suite folder. Copy that folder to /usr/share/plank/themes/.


Stop. Breath. Now, for the last time, go to the Fresh Suite folder. There, open the Fonts folder. Copy both folders that are inside of it to /usr/share/fonts/opentype.

That's it, the theme is now installed!

"But, wait, nothing has changed! YOU FOOLED ME!"

Oh, you silly, silly, little person. Now that we've installed it, we need to apply it!

Applying the theme

Yeeeeep, now it's the time to get rewarded for all our hard work!

Open your applications menu, and search for "System Settings".

OK, good. Now, search for Tweaks - remember that tutorial you've followed before you did everything?

This is elementary Tweaks. It's a 3rd party application that allows you to change lots of things in your system. It's really nifty, well-organized and handy. Let me teach you how you can apply the theme you just installed - which, at least I think, is why you read through all of this until now??? Anyway... let's make the magic happen!


Open the Icons drop down menu, and set it to Fresh. The icons should change right now.


Set Window theme and Interface theme to Fresh. The interface theme also should change.


Select Plank in the sidebar. Open the Theme menu and set it to Fresh too. The dock theme should be applied.


OK, now to the fonts. Select the Fonts category in the sidebar. Now, apply those settings:

Default font: Source Sans Pro | 10
Document font Open Sans | 10
Monospace font: Source Code Pro | 10
Window Title font: Source Sans Pro Bold | 10

And if everything went right... Ta-da! Congratulations on your newly acquired desktop theme! *throws a big party* :D

Oh... something went wrong? Aw, shucks. But don't be sad! Feel free to contact me here or via email ( so we can talk and solve your problem :)

Oh, and thanks for trying out my theme! :D


> v0.2
- New tab bar
- Reworked panel
- Minor tweaks to the status bar, entries, column headers, tooltips, pane separators and popovers buttons
- Fixed bug in Switchboard icon on Faenza-Fresh
- Shadows were removed from the status icons, now they're rendered by the GTK theme
- From now on, icon theme is simply called Fresh (due to an older icon name already being called Faenza-Fresh)
- Now there's only one version of the dock (with running apps indicators)
- Removed tooltip's shadow from the Plank theme
- Added copyright notice to the Fresh GTK theme files

> v0.1 - October 13, 2013
- Initial version


> v0.3
- Rework metacity theme
- Rework switches, slide handlers, checkboxes and radio buttons
- Tweak the GTK 2 theme (oh god why)

> v0.4
- Release dark theme

> v0.5
- Release GTK 3.10+ version

But don't be fooled!

There are more things to come! I just haven't thought them yet. Heh. Or maybe I'm keeping it all in secret. Muahahahaha. Don't trust anyone!!1!

This is a development version. Feedback is more than welcome! Message me here on DA, or email me ( - Thank you! :)
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Hello, It seems the bug with red borders in some applications is back. I newly installed the theme from the link above(dropbox) and it is there again..
wow, muito bom!
First of all, great work! I really like it.

I have two questions:

1) clipboard and dropbox icons are black and thus inconsistent with the rest of indicators
2) theme does not really work for Nemo in Elementary. Is there any way to modify it? Such as… ?

Thanks again and keep it up!
MatheusLigabue Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
1) Oh, those are the default Faenza clipboard and dropbox icons. I'll replace them and some others by an elementary variant in the next iteration.

2) I'll try to tweak this and add it to Fresh.

Both should be done by this weekend - I hope so!

Thank you for the kind comments. :)
Haha, sorry, there is actually a third question:

3) I like the top panel in your theme, but the slightly changed theme color does not really work with the elementary firefox theme. Is there any way to dig your panel and insert it into another theme?
MatheusLigabue Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Yes, there is! You need to edit the "apps.css" file (inside of the gtk-3.0 folder) of the theme you want to use.

Just replace everything inside the "Panel" section by the code in my theme.

Oh, and I'll keep releasing a tweaked elementary-firefox theme in mind! :)

Thanks a lot! I am really looking forward to the next releases :) Keep it up!
Very Very Nice!
MatheusLigabue Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Well, thank you! :D
Hello, great work! I'm looking forward for the next version :)
However i found a few bugs, just look on these screen shots. and
I think it's self explanatory. The borders between programs elements (toolboxes, sidebars etc.) are red. It happens only in certain type of apps. AFAIK for sure this affects Thunderbird, Firefox, KomodoEdit..there will be more of them I guess. It would be great if you fix this issue.
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